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Artist at Large during Retirement

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Canadian Handcrafted Gifts

Spindle People

Rocking Horse Past inc offers a wide variety of handmade gifts created and produced by Doris Dyson, a retired Veterinary Anesthesiologist. Time has finally become available for her to devote her efforts into making gifts for more than her immediate family and friends. Now they are available to anyone. She enjoys making them unique and personal.

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All the collectables incorporate a component of reclaimed and repurposed material. The first source for material is always local charity stores such as ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) and mission thrift stores (like Salvation Army, Bibles for Missions). Additional sources include construction cutoffs that might otherwise be thrown in the dump or burned (deck, beehive, kitchen cupboards, etc).

Some woodworking projects use new wood and descriptions will clarify.



Doris has an endless supply of ideas and continually tries new projects. Many of these items are made to reflect the beauty that comes with age (antique square head nails, apperance of natural wear, danish oil finishes). Remember since she makes it all, custom designs are possible (check out the 6' Spindle People). In fact almost everything is custom!

  • Replicas of decorative antique rocking horses (~ 10" x 16")
  • Spindle people (Mounties, sailors, chefs, snowmen, angels) 1-6' tall
  • Handpainted mason jars (lanterns, storage)
  • Moosecots (moose mascots for a variety of sports and professions)
  • Carved raven, wooden quilts and more


Christmas ornaments, whirlygigs, nautical ware and much more are available. Explore the links above. These items are also made from reclaimed, repurposed materials.


Garden Benches are often made from new wood. Reclaimed material is used when possible.

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