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Please note that this website showcases much of my work, but between creating and cleaning up, the One of a Kind OnLine Shop is always most up to date. The majority of my sales go through it.

However, feel free to email: for firm quotes and information. Shipping may be less for some locations when ordered by email. I accept E-transfers when purchases made by email. The OnLine Shop accepts PayPal - if more convenient.



New Shutter Hanger - $32

Leaf Shutter

The shutter has a central cut-out (Maple Leaf, sailboat and oak leaf are newest designs). It is painted, antiqued and treated with Danish Oil to maintain the colour and add to its longevity. Square head, antique style nails are added to enable hanging of hats, keys or BBQ utensils.



Rustic Settle Bench - $125


Settle bench is made from sanded rough pine, painted and aged to provide a weathered appearance. It is finished with Danish oil to complete the rustic look and preserve wood. 36" wide 13" deep and 40 " high

Lower backs, wider bench and deeper seat with or without a shelf below for baskets can be made as custom order. The version below (41" x 15" seat) is approximately $220 (based on height of back) and will be made to fit Ikea or JYSK baskets.

Solar Saltbox Garden Houses ($45-$65)

Saltbox house

Solar saltbox garden houses are available in a variety of country colors. Most have a rusty star hanging on an antique nail between the windows at the front. Great to change to Christmas wreath later in year!

Solar light is set in back of roof and windows glow at night. Versions without solar light also available - or with electric light for indoor use.

Newest change is the addition of a star cutout in back and narrower versions that are more suitable for window sill. Look for a pair this Christmas 2016 that suits running Christmas lights through or housing a tea light!


Wooden Quilts ($50-$150)


Large versions of single blocks or multiple blocks are made for hanging outside on porch or patio area, even on a fence, although they wonderful on a high wall inside your home as well. They have pieces that are 1.5-2" square and up. Typically the quilts are 1' x 1' up to 2' x 2'. These are often distressed and finished with an antiquing danish oil that weathers well and ages beautifully with time. Some do not suit distressing and have exterior varish appied. Pieces are mounted on wood and nailed from the back. See OnLine Shop for more designs and actula prices.


Wooden Rustic Planters ($25-$100)

Planters are made of rough 1" thick pine boards with a pressure treated slatted bottom for proper drainage. They are available in a variety of country colors and are treated with Danish oil to create a rustic look and to help preserve the wood and paint. They also have a raised base of painted pressure treated wood or cedar (on black versions) to protect your deck and for easy replacement if needed years down the road. Two styles of base are available, although the tall version requires the one shown for best stability.

Version as shown in barn red below is available as square or long for planting hanging basket size or smaller pots and they have a plastic insert included. The styles shown in black are made to hold typical hanging planters (~7.5" high and 11" wide) directly without repotting. The tall one is ~32" (although will make up to 36" if desired) with a narrow base (approx. 12" square at top and 9" square bottom before trim added).


Wooden Stools (45-60$)


Stools are made of rough 1" thick pine boards with a cedar top (1886 floor boards). They are available in a variety of country colors and are treated with Danish oil to create a rustic look and to help preserve the wood and paint. They are approximately 10-13" high and 12-16" wide. They are made to stand on, but suit a more decorative purpose or as a low side table on the deck for your coffee.


Drying Rack ($40-$50)


Drying rack is made with pine, spindles and hardwood dowels to mount over dryer, tub or near sink. Great for cottages were extra space for wet bathing suits is always welcome, or just to dry those delicate items at home. Rack is dropped for drying and folds up out of the way when not in use,

New Flags for Gardens, Walls, below 911 Signs


New ideas for flags and personized to suit your needs.

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