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Antique Reproduction Rocking Horse - $125-250 based on detail

Rocking Horse

These horses are made from reclaimed pine. They are painted as carousel or rocking horses from the past. The paint is then sanded off to reflect wear and tear from years of love and handling. A finish using Danish Antiquing Oil is applied before the final addition of mane and tail. Jute is used in the more rustic versions. Approx 10" high and 16" long. Excellent for a baby shower gift or on your fireplace mantel.

Custom colors possible to suit room decor.


Spindle People -$20-50


Female Mountie also available.

6 ft Custom designs available.

Mounties, sailors, chefs, angels, snowmen are created using railing spindles. They welcome people with their signs and smiling (sleepy, fierce) faces. Range from 1-3' high.

Door Stop versions available!


Raven - $55

This raven (14" tall) was carved, painted, antiqued and mounted on a spindle. Only 1 left.

Wooden Quilt - $50-$150


Quilt pieces are cut individually from pine, sanded and painted according to the design created. Then they are assembled and glued onto a backing, and finally framed for hanging. A coat of varnish is applied as the last step.

Larger versions are made for hanging outside on porch or patio area, even on a fence. They have pieces that are 1.5-2" square and up. They are typically 1' x 1' up to 2' x 2'. These are often distressed and finished with an antiquing danish oil that weathers well and ages beautifully with time. Some do not suit distressing and have exterior varish appied. Pieces are mounted on wood and nailed from the back.

 OutdoorQuilt     Quilt-varnished

Intarsia Creations - $25-$120

Santa is cut from pine. The pieces are sanded, painted, aged and reassembled. Following a coat of Antiquing Danish Oil, Santa takes on an aged, carved appearance. Variations available (10-15" tall). Angels suit personalized message on base.

Wooden Games -"More than TIC TAC TOE"- $25

tic tac toe

Maple and Cherry wood pieces (cutoffs from kitchen cupboard manufacturing) with stone or marble playing pieces. Specially designed box is included for storage

Moosecots - $35-55


Moosecots are carved, sanded, painted and antiqued, pine moose in various outfits (carved and painted on) that sit on a shelf with their legs dangling (sit 11" - 15" includes legs). All legs are wired on for flexibility. Dad's Smoking BBQ version, hockey players, wake boarders, skiers, surgeons and other activities or professions are possible. A moose crossing guard is also quite cute or just choose a simple Canadian moose with red scarf ($30).

Custom requests for different activities and professions are welcome. Some details requestred may warrant higher cost.


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